Friday, February 12, 2010

Left Standing

Can you believe this? After the earthquake that destroyed everything else around it, this was the only thing left standing.

Three Days

Thirty five years ago I was in a meeting in Port-au-Prince where it was prophesied that the last great Revival that was to take place before the 2nd coming of Jesus would begin in Haiti and from there would spread around the world. Since then there have been numerous times practically the same thing was spoken or prophesied. Before the earthquake on January 12, 2010 a lady in the States had a vision. She was told to warn the leaders of Haiti that a great catastrophe was coming upon the country and called for three days of fasting and prayer. She came to Haiti and asked to speak to the President of Haiti. She was refused. She then sent a message and it was returned unopened. The greatest catastrophe that has ever struck this country came only a few days later. Between 150,000 and 200,000 people were killed and up to 1 million injured. There has been up to 200,000 amputees since January 12. The infrastructure of Haiti is gone. The National Palace, the Palace of Justice, and most other government buildings were destroyed. Food, medicines, water, and other basic necessities had to be brought it from outside the country. Now, the same lady is back with the same message only this time it is different. She still calls for 3 days of fasting and prayer over all the country of Haiti to ask for God’s grace and mercy. This time she got through to the President and the Nation’s leaders. Tomorrow, one month since the quake, Saturday and Sunday a national referendum has called for all businesses to close. All government offices will be closed and people from all over Haiti regardless of their religious affiliation will observe the three days of Fasting and Prayer. Because of the horrific earthquake that brought such devastation to the people and the country of Haiti everyone in the world knows about Haiti. The news networks from all over the world sent reporters here who broadcast through a satellite uplink the stories and pictures of human tragedy. No one now asks, “Where is Haiti” for they all know. Now I ask you, “Are these three days the time the beginning of the last great revival before the coming of Jesus that was prophesied? I believe it is. When we were out of food and water one of our little girls had a vision or a dream one night. She said that in her dream she and all the children were seated at a big table under a large tent. She said there was plenty of food to eat and she could eat all she wanted and not be hungry anymore. She said she looked up and saw through the top of the tent and God was seated looking at a book. He raised His head and said in Creole, “Jesus is coming soon.” She said he went on to say the same phrase in every other language of the world.” Could all of this be true and this is the last revival before His coming? You decide for yourself.