Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ti Iute

This is Ti Iute. (Pronounced Tea eye oot) She has no room with frilly ruffled curtains, no matching bedspread with big Teddy bears and Dolls laying on her bed. There is no Mother or Father to care for her. She is an Orphan. Her existence on earth, she had no control over. Her unmarried mother became pregnant with her. When her Grandmother found out that her daughter was pregnant she beat her so bad that she left her mentally disabled and crippled for life. Now she is dying and Ti Iute has found her way to us. She is so tiny that when she comes into my room I never notice her until I feel someone patting my arm. I will say, “I love you” and she will respond by saying , “I love you too.” She crawls up into my big desk chair and many times goes to sleep there. I took this picture as she was doing just that. This is the reason I came to Haiti over 40 years ago. With your help I will do my best to help little ones such as “Ti Iute” until the Lord calls me home.

Missionary Bob C Jones