Friday, January 28, 2011

Life changing experience

I will be 74 years old on the 22nd of May, have been in church all my life and gave my heart to the Lord at the tender age of eight. Yet, during all that time, I have never heard God speak out loud in an audible voice. All of that all changed on January the 28th 2011 when He spoke to me. At that instant my life changed and I will never be the same again. Let me back up just a little bit and explain to you what took place that prompted God to speak to me these words. It all started a little over a year ago when I decided to build me a little room over the top of the generator house and free up the two rooms I was occupying so we would have more space for our growing family. I named my place “The Upper Room” not knowing that I was about to experience the same Spiritual manifestation that they experienced in the upper room in Jerusalem as recorded in Acts 2:5-11. On January the 20th I moved out of my old place and climbed the stairs to my new room thinking that this would more than likely be my last move here on earth. I was so happy to be in my new room and that they had moved my things in without breaking them. Things are so hard to come by here in Haiti and most of my things were either shipped in or brought in at great expense over the past 38 years. Everything was going too well and the devil could not stand to see God’s servant blessed so he began his work of trying to destroy my happiness. While working on my electric the electrician connected the wrong wire and produced an electrical surge that destroyed some transformers leaving me without my telephone or internet services. It destroyed the transformer on my cordless drill rendering it useless. My T.V., CD and DVD player were knocked out and my special low wattage light bulbs were also fried. I sat on the side of my bed with my head in my hands and felt totally beaten. I got deathly sick and in my despair I sent for Mirlande, a young mother who lives in a little hut next door who is born again and full of the Holy Ghost. She came in and brought with her another young lady who is also a prayer warrior. Neither of them speaks a word of English but their earnest and honest prayers in Creole filled the room and then it happened, the moment that changed my life forever. Mirlande laid her hand on my shoulder and God spoke these words through her in perfect English without a hint or trace of an accent, “Pastor Bob, they are just things.” Instantly I felt the heavy oppression lift and though I still care, things really don’t mean that much to me anymore. When asked the next day if she remembered laying her hand on my shoulder Mirlande replied yes, when she was asked if she remembered what she said she replied, “No, at that time I was speaking in tongues.”