Sunday, September 12, 2010

My little kids and their pate

Yesterday some of my little kids got hold of some bread dough. They were so excited that they came to me and told me that they were going to make me a pate consisting of cinnamon, sugar, and two wieners. One of them went off in search of some oil and came back with a little in a bottle. Then, they found an old skillet that was no longer in use. When they went into the kitchen they were told they could not use the kitchen as they would make a mess. They were not deterred, they sent a couple of the little ones to find sticks and they came back with a pile of sticks they had found in the brush close to our house. One of them begin to get rocks together and soon they had a little fire going. This is the reason I have spent over half my life here in Haiti. The pate they brought me was a little burned but it was more delicious to me than a meal at a 5 star restaurant. You can keep your high life but I prefer to be here with my little kids. Only God knows how much I love them. They make my day everyday.