Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anaika Rene Jones

Anaika Then
Anaika Now 
There once was a little baby girl only 8 months old who was living with a crippled cousin and her mother.  She lived in a shack with no medical help and practically no food.  One day her mother said she was going into town and would be back before dark.  She never came back and no one knows what happened to her as she has disappeared off the face of the earth.  I heard of the situation as the crippled cousin could not take care of her and found someone to look after her.  She was taken to the doctor where he said she was suffering from malaria, typhoid, worms and severe malnutrition.  She only weighed a little over 9 pounds.  We begin treating her and giving her proper food and on the 3rd of January she celebrated her first birthday.  A cake was made for the occasion and topped with one candle.  All the little kids gathered around and sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  Now she has a nice room and a real baby bed that she can sleep in.  She has a young woman who takes care of her.  She never misses a church service and is to be dedicated to the Lord on Sunday January the 15th by Rev. Ted Lung of Camp Point, Illinois  (She had no birth certificate or any papers)  They asked me to give her a name so I named her Anaika Rene Jones.   (The Rene was after my daughter Brigitte Rene)
Missionary Bob C. Jones
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